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Letterror | Is Best Really Better
Erik van Blokland & Just van Rossum
First published in Emigre magazine issue 18, 1990

Through our experience with traditional typesetting methods, we have come to expect that the individual letterforms of a particular typeface should always look the same. This notion is the result of a technical process, not the other way round. However, there is no technical reason for making a digital letter the same every time it is printed.

Randomness and change can add new dimensions to printwork.

Maybe randomness is an inevitable result of human behaviour.

At some point during the developement of type and typography, the graphic design industry decided that is was necessary to improve upon the “quality” of printing and type. In the process due to economic and commercial considerations, much vitality was lost. We believe that the computer, although considered by many to be cold and impersonal, can bring back some of these lost qualities. Randomfont is our contribution to this idea.